CLA Safflower Oil

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CLA Derived from Safflower Oil

CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is derived from dairy, meat and Omega-6 plant seeds, primarily safflower oil. Safflower oil contains linoleic acid and small amounts of conjugated linoleic acid. Supplement companies have proprietary methods of extracting linoleic acid from safflower oil and converting it into conjugated linoleic acid. Other plant oils, such as sunflower oil can also be used. However, safflower oil is preferred as it produces much higher amounts of CLA and is generally considered superior. CLA is an anti-oxidant and an anti-catabolite. There are many uses for CLA, most notably it is taken to promote weight loss. It can also help to support the immune system, support healthy cholesterol levels, increase fat metabolism and help prevent cancer.


Benefits of CLA

Studies have shown that CLA can help to reduce body fat and build muscle. Many body builders, runners and those looking to reduce weight take CLA. Many believe it is more effective to take CLA if you are incorporating exercise into your daily routine. It has been shown to make workout sessions more effective. This is because CLA helps your body use stored fat as energy, thus burning it off. Since CLA can help support muscle mass, it can increase your metabolism. This leads to long-term weight loss and increased strength and stamina. Many people who take CLA notice a slimming effect, especially around the middle, where so many individuals store it. Studies show that CLA helps reduce overall BMI (Body Mass Index) and decrease inches at the waist.


If you are looking to reduce belly fat or want to increase your muscle tone, or if you want to add an anti-oxidant to your diet, then look no further. The overall health benefits of cla safflower oil make it a great supplement to add to your daily routine.